Catalyst Products

Hypercat ACP (Advanced Catalyst Products), our manufacturing division, offers a comprehensive suite of products and services including:
  • Catalytic converters and filters for mobile and stationary applications.
  • Emissions control devices for diesel applications.
  • Catalyst coating services.
  • Engineering and design for catalyst products.
  • The Nano-technology Advantage.

Catalyst Recycling & Recovery

Our recycling divisions, Recycalytics, LLC and Federal Autocat Recycling, LLC have developed leading expertise in evaluating, purchasing and recycling::
  • Automobile catalytic converters (honeycomb, bead, ceramic monolith).
  • Industrial catalyst materials from emissions control and process control applications.
  • Metal substrate catalysts (also called "foil" or "wire" catalysts).
  • Fuel cell components for recovery of platinum group metals.
  • Now a distributor for Eastern Catalytic
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Catalyst Products
Catalyst Recycling Catalyst Recycling